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About Lösev

LÖSEV Children Leukemia Health and Education Foundation was founded in 1998. It was the first days we invested in SSK Ankara Children’s Hospital for the treatment of children with leukemia …

After the negative response we received from the hospital management to a small television request for the children’s rooms, the doctors, nurses and staff working in that hospital collected a small television by collecting money between us. It was a big problem for us to meet our child’s travel money or school needs. However, as the days passed, we grew and became stronger; We have developed projects and increased our goals. We worked honestly and with all our energy to meet all kinds of needs of our children.

Turkey’s first and only Leukemia in 2000, Children’s Hospital LÖSANTE of 2008 children with leukemia free college education could receive for Children with Leukemia School of the, in 2010 Leukemia in order to accommodate long or short periods during treatment of our families coming from outside of Ankara for treatment Children’s Villages’ We have brought to life. During this time, not only children with leukemia and cancer patients, all of Turkey leukemia, cancer and prevention issues we raised the awareness, radical solutions to create, we continue to provide social services and permanent.

In 2015, we have brought the first in Europe, the most well-equipped Children with Leukemia City and the multidisciplinary hospital LÖSANTE to our country, saying, “Let humanity not die, people should not die.”

Today, we are a huge family with hundreds of employees, tens of thousands of patients and their families, and millions of volunteers.

LÖSEV Board of Directors and Board of Trustees members are entitled to no wages, allowance, travel allowance, peace of mind etc. they do not.

The Methodology

First of all, you choose the form of donation on the official website of Lösev for your votive donation. You have two different options in this regard:

“I want my dedication donation to be cut on religious basis and distributed to children with leukemia and cancer for 12 months as fresh meat and meat products, and the need to spend it for children with leukemia.”


“I want my voting grant to be used as a support for the free treatment, education and social needs of children with leukemia.”

If you have marked the first option, a cattle is cut once a month at the Integrated meat facilities once 7 shares are reached in line with your donation sacrifice. The meat of the vows cut from the bones is removed from the bones, the packages prepared with precious meat such as minced meat, cubed and ribeye, steak, tenderloin are delivered to our patients’ homes in the cold chain without freezing, losing their nutritional value through the company. Excessive meats are economically evaluated and consumed in the needs of our children with leukemia.

Social Responsibility Project and/or Donation Details

Donation Date: 25.06.2019

Donation Budget: 1.840 Turkish Lira (TL)

Donation Method: 2 Shares of Cattle Cost (After the end of the 23Pier Real Estate’s 1st land cutting project)

Donation Receipt

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